Tareq طارق (kashkool) wrote in m_e_c_c_a,
Tareq طارق

Cyclone Gonu - Oman إعصار جونو - عمان

Date of Strike on Oman's Coasts: 05/06/07. Economic Damges: unknown yet. Locations: Sharqeya East Coast, Ras Al Had, Masirah Island, Al Halaneyat Islands, Muscat, Batinah Coasts, Gulf of Oman, Musandam, Buraimi, Fujairah-UAE, Iran South Coast. Strike Wind Speed: 260KM/H. Human Loss: 56 Persons in Muscat. Missing: 25 Persons. Muscat During the Strike: City of Ghosts. Cities Coditions Now 8/6/2007: Many with no electricity, no water supply, bad mobile network, alot of dark streets & neighbourhoods, bad road conditions, ...etc. Pictures from some of Muscat cities, could not each the remaining damaged cities because of the bad conditions of the ways n roads n running strong wadies n rivers.

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